"T" Powered Microphones
The PSC 48PH to 12T Converter

My first ENG mixer was a Shure FP-31 that I purchased back in 1987 which was soon followed by the Shure FP-32. (I still have both) They only provided 12-18v Phantom or 12v T for powering microphones. So my first 2 professional mics were a Sennheiser MKH 416T and a Schoeps CMC4 MK-41, the CMC4 is the T power version of the Schoeps pre-amp. Here I am over 20 years later and both of those microphones are still phenomenal. In fact both of them have been used on multiple Presidents along the way.


As the years have ticked on and T power fell off of one mixer after another. The inevitable happened when I made the move to the Sound Devices 664 I gave up my easy access to T power. Of course I could buy a CMC6 but thats $1,000 that I've already spent once. I don't like buying things twice.

So I gave the PSC 48PH to 12T Converter a try. I wanted as low profile as I could get and definitely didn't want something else that required yet another battery!

Schoeps CMC4 MK41. My go to microphone
for a lot of years!

I was extremely pleased with the results that the PSC converter supplied. I use this microphone constantly with my Schoeps CMC6 MK-41 and I can't hear any artifacts being introduced by the PSC. The only caveat of course is that its more difficult to run & gun with the mic now and its pretty much relegated to interviews and sound effects only these days.

Below is a link to a 3 Schoeps interview for NBC's Rock Center. Tina, the woman in the blue shirt has the CMC4 Mk-41 with the PSC 48PH to 12T converter working over her.

In short, technology changes but there is usually a way to keep your favorites on their game! There are other options for outboard powering but my bag is heavy enough!

Rock Center Interview

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