Lectrosonics IFB
The R1B and R1C

I have finally found my happy place with my IFB herd! With my R1A's aging out and really no good options to future proof moving forward, I was at a loss as to which direction I should travel until Lectrosonics released the replacement R1B receiver. This is a wonderful IFB that I use quite a lot as a camera scratch track receiver and it sounds great with a higher fidelity over the spoken word then its predecessor the R1A. With 3 block wideband I feel comfortable that I have the flexibility to craft an RF footprint in any location as our challenges continue to grow in that sphere of our business. The down side of the R1B is its price point. At nearly $800, including a NP-50 battery, it is difficult to make the jump into buying a dozen of them to hand out to folks who frankly don't respect the IFB and leave them strewn about the set.

Along comes the Lectrosonics IFBlue R1C IFB receiver at nearly half the price. This is the first product Lectrosonics manufactured outside of the United States. They chose this path as a way to bring an affordable option to us. I'll get this out of the way immediately, the R1C is plastic and not as robust as a normal Lectrosonics product and thats ok! Its not suppose to be as robust, its an affordable option that serves a wonderful role in my kit. Where it matters, on the inside, the R1C is the same as the R1B. It sounds great and runs on AA batteries and even comes with two rechargeables.

I don't hesitate to hand anybody an R1C, in fact, some people prefer the size and feel of the R1C as the R1B's are quite small but in general, I deploy my R1B's to directors, scripties and camera scratch hops which they are well suited for and utilize the R1C's to fulfill the needs of video village and random folks on set who, from time to time, like dolly grips need to clearly hear ques.

In functionality neither the R1B or R1C operate the same as the R1A. Example is in the preset channel switching, both systems use an up or down arrow on the receivers face instead of depressing the volume knob. On the R1C there is a flip door over the face so this could be a negative for those hardcore reality shoots with multiple beats occurring simultaneously.

For me this combination of receivers is a spot on great solution!


I introduced the Lectrosonics R1B on the show
"911 Crisis Center" - Oxygen/NBC - Hulu


The Lectrosonics IFBlue / R1C


The happy Lectrosonics IFB Receiver Family.

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