Audio Supervisor
911 Crisis Center

Wrapping up season 2 of the Warner Brothers hit 911 Crisis Center. Oxygen/Peacock.

Sound Devices Scorpio

Sound Devices CL-16 Mixer

Timecode Systems Ultra Sync
One's TRI-Level Sync Boxes

14 Lectrosonics Body Mics

3 Individual Lectrosonics IFB Feeds

120 Gig of Audio Per Day.


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My Debut of my Sound Devices 833 with a look at the Noise Assist over on my You Tube Channel!

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My passion and love for production sound has afforded me spectacular opportunities and adventures over the years. From the wilderness bush country of Zimbabwe to the majestic temples of Kyoto, Japan, I've been blessed to walk in many of life's shoes. I am often asked what my favorite location or story was. This is a very difficult question to answer.... Perhaps, its simply.... The next one.

Inside I'll be sharing some of my adventures as well as some informative tips to help along the next generation sound professional!

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Thom Shafer

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"Being a great mixer is knowing what sounds good and what doesn't as it applies to the situation you find yourself in..." - Thom Shafer

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NABET Local #11 (NBC New York)
IATSE Local #209 (Ohio)