Timecode Systems Blink Hub App
Sound Devices 6xx Series/788T integration

The Blink Hub App is a free powerful tool that lets you take control of your bag or cart via an iPad, iPhone or android tablet. instead of listing out and blathering on about the capabilities I'm going to post real world screen grabs from my rig. I feel that just seeing the various grabs is explanation enough and gets to the heart of the system.


The main hub screen shows you the status of the gear you have deployed. In this case I'm using a :wave in my Sound Devices 688 bag with 2 mini:trx+'s on cameras with a Denecke TS-TCB slate. You can see that the Sound box is highlighted which allows me access to controls of the 688 with the 1st screen showing the status of the recorder.

Note: All of the devices can be named whatever you like for fast identification and the name appears on the device as well. So the A-Cam sync box will actually say A-Cam in the display window.


The take control screen is pretty self explanatory.


Changing the scene name.


You can expand each screen hiding the hub for better access to additional fields.
Here is the access to the 3 depths of folders.

Note: The record button is always available on every screen just in case you need to punch record.


Track Control - Arm/Disarm name tracks.


Selecting the slate in the hub brings up the "Screen Display" field which allows me to enter
whatever I'd like on to the bottom LED display of the slate.

Note: With more then one slate in play you can rename each slate for easy identification by selecting the
slate and typing a new name in the edit field in the upper left.


A look at the rolling screen.

Who would have thought that timecode could be so much fun! This system will only grow and evolve and become, I believe, a staple in our bags & on our carts.

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