Timecode Buddy mini trx Transceiver In

Once again Timecode Systems generated incredible buzz at NAB 2013 with the release of several new and innovative products. first and foremost was what I personally have been waiting for and thats the new Timecode Buddy mini line.

The "mini trx" transceiver is a spot on homerun that maintains all of the Wifi Masters features without the wifi in the same housing as the original tx (transmitter only) unit. They've gone further though, the "mini trx" transceiver has 3 means of power. The standard 4 pin hirose. A usb mini port which is also the future for firmware updates as well as positioning for a greater leap into Metadata and miraculously they've managed to cram in an internal rechargeable lithium battery that will run full RF/Backlight features for 10 to 12 hours. The internal battery will charge via either of the two other power ports and has a recovery time of about an hour and a half. A common usb mobile phone charger will do the trick as well!

A slight menu change has added a jam section to quickly facilitate jamming via the TC I/O bnc.

The "mini trx" maintains full genlock capabilities as well and the line also includes a "mini rx" which will be receive only that lives in the same housing as the "mini tx" and "mini trx". I personally like having the WiFi Master in my sound bag or cart but if the DP wants to drive code he can and doesn't not need to worry about carrying the larger unit.

Timecode Buddy is awaiting final FCC approval and expects to be up and running in 4 to 6 weeks!

Put me down for 3 mini trx's right off the bat!


Timecode Buddy mini trx Transceiver. A fully functioning transceiver in a very small light weight package!


The USB connection port and TC I/O
To the left you see the Genlock and 4 pin Hirose.


Another wonderful announcement is the integration of the Timecode Buddy system into a Denecke TS-3 slate. Seen to the left is a proof of technology version of the slate and it was fun watching all the Movie Slate iPads mirror everything the Denecke did. Providing real integration to what is fast becoming the information work flow engine on set. There will also be a version of the slate that displays scene and take numbers and when fellow mixer Dan Ostroff asked me to pose the question to TC Buddy if it was possible to generate that information from the sound cart via userbits they responded very quickly that that was a brilliant idea and shouldn't be difficult at all.

There are a lot of innovative changes to Movie Slate as well that I encourage you to take a look at.

Denecke TS-3 with full Timecode Buddy Integration

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