Timecode Buddy
Updating your systems

Once you get your system configured its really easy to update your Buddy's to the latest firmware offering.

Configuring your Buddy's:

- On your MacBook Pro (me anyways) Select the TC Buddy unit's WiFi connection and connect to it.

- From the main TC Buddy screen scroll to the WiFi: IP Address and enter that number into your web browser. The TimecodeBuddy Web View page will come up on your computer. This is how you set up the Buddy to talk to your wireless network.

- On the Web View page select Configure WiFi. A screen will appear giving the option to scan for networks. Hit that and select your home network. An enter password prompt will appear, enter your password and it will connect to your network.

- You will be prompted to connect your computer to your home network.

- Back in the TCBuddy WiFi menu select Restart. When the system is done restarting and the WiFi is connected you're ready to get the updates.

- Under System Settings scroll over and select Check for Updates. The updates will commence. (This option only appears when the unit is in Infrastructure Mode which at this point the unit automaticly shifts itself into)

- After the firmware is updated verify in the WiFi setting that your Buddy is back in Ad Hoc mode.

- To do the TX just have a wifi Master on and hit Check for Updates on the TX.


You've just updated your firmware!


Type in the IP Addy and select the TCBuddy in your wireless network options.


Once connected with Web View, select Configure WiFi to set up your Buddy to talk to your home network.


Once configured you're off to the updates!

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