The direct outs are a great a bag environment, meaning ENG, DOC, EFP work I feel that they are a waste of real estate that could be better utilized with;

1. A time code processing section (not generator).  Meaning, the ability to bring time code in and route it through a pot out to another device.

  2. Improving the before mentioned mono mix capabilities.  Ideally adding a pot for the mix.  This pot could be in the form of a screw head and doesn't need to be on the front panel.  Just provide the         ability for more control.

  I haven't mentioned the limiters on the input and output sections of this mixer.  Primarily because I rarely use limiters at all but in this case the 442 has an extremely good set of limiters.  Very easy to set your values with the user setup menu and yes, these limiters do perform very well.

  I guess that brings me to the user setups.  This section can't be overstated.  The ability to individualize your mixer is tremendous.  From battery voltage to limiter values to Tone control and on...and on.  I'm not going to delve into this much.  I would strongly recommend checking out the Sound Devices site to learn more about these.

  I have really only scratched the surface of the 442 in this little report.  I love this mixer,  I never thought a replacement would come along for my Audio Developments AD-261.....but it did.  Well done Sound Devices.

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