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A look at the Sennheiser MKE 104 Cardioid Lavalier

I often harp on the over use of lavaliers in interview situations so here I thought I'd share a look at the right time to use a lav.

A segment of ABC's "Made In America", took us to a Sylvania light bulb factory in Pennsylvania. Wanting to capture the real world setting of the plant I selected the Sennheiser MKE104 cardioid lavalier for the interviews. It delivered brilliantly in a noisy factory environment without needing to shove the mic down their throat.

The editor did a wonderful job of layering in factory ambient to smooth out the whole piece. Yes, they added noise to the tracks!

Here is the piece as it aired on ABC as well as the unsweetened tracks as they were recorded in the field. Have a listen and I would encourage any mixers out there who haven't experienced the MKE104 to give it a listen. A wonderful addition to your kit even though you won't use it everyday.


The ambient background SPL at the spot of our location was 83dB and the lav is about 3 inches below her collar. (Hidden)


I'm very impressed with the performance of the Sennheiser ME104. I think you can imagine any number of scenarios that having a quality cardioid in the package could come in handy.

The microphone also has very little self noise allowing it to bury well without too much cable induced transients.

Clearly a wonderful comparison would have been to use another lav as well.... I was working though!

The unsweetened bites from the field.
Have a listen.

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