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Yes indeed....the Lectro 411's have won me over in a big way!  I took delivery of my first two of these systems as demo's with the intent to purchase if all went well.  It did!  The 411's surpassed my expectations and continue to amaze me with their incredible fidelity and total lack of any rf noise at all.  Quite frankly, I had no idea that the analog systems where truly as noisy as they are.

My Journey Begins.

My first impression was not all that great.  I could not for the life of me achieve a gain structure that wouldn't engage the limiters on the transmitters.  Being somewhat disgusted I called Sherrie at Location Sound Corp to help me solve this initial problem...thankfully she quickly took note of the B6's I was using and urged me to switch lavs and not give up on the units.  Low and behold.... shifting to the EMW's was like seeing your first loaf of sliced bread!  The sound was stunning and I found that I could not engage the limiters no matter how loud I screamed!  As for the B6's, mine are grey bands that need to be padded down to work with the 411's.  It's not the first time B6's have failed to work with rf's.  They are completely unusable with the Lectro 190's as well.

Updated Note:  The good folks at Lectrosonics and Countryman got together and came up with a wiring scheme for the two systems to work together.  They are an incredible combination but you must have your B6's specifically wired for the 411 systems.

The Concerns.

The 3-ms delay was the greatest concern I had in converting over to the 411's.  In particularly I was worried about mixing analog rf's with these new Digital's, as well as mixing the two different sound qualities.   I found that there is really not much issue here as long as you are paying attention!  The systems work well together as long as they are not within 2 feet of each other, more or less.  Think of it as the ultimate phase challenge that can't be solved by flipping the phase but instead by riding the levels.

ENG and the 3ms Delay

The 411 receivers are extremely well thought out with a very nice menu system to change the frequency....flip the phase.... select your level of Smart Noise Reduction.... and adjust the receiver output level.  The transmitters have a much better display for the input levels.   They still utilize the two light system but now the lights are multi colored.   Starting green then changing to red as your level increases.

The Continuation

   The 411 continues to amaze me.  I carry 4 of them in my bag and  the 411 is so quiet that I find myself counting the heart rate of the people wearing the wires.  Yes, I am very impressed.

Updated Note: As with all things digital they are not as forgiving if you overdrive the transmitters.  Watch your gain structures closer than you did with the old analog RF's.

Lectrosonics 411 Digital Hybrids
and the 3-ms Delay

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