iPower Rechargeable Li-ion 9v's

I've been very pleased with the addition of the iPower rechargeable 9v system. After several months of very intense use I've had wonderful results.

First off... The math. The 9v's are coming in at about $13.00 a piece with the charger sliding in at around $28.00. With traditional 9v's coming in at $2.00 each it doesn't take long for the iPower to pay for itself.

The amount of cycles is still an ongoing experiment but I routinely average a solid 3 to 4 hours powering Lectrosonics UM400 transmitters. Very impressive indeed! This will not end your need for traditional 9v's or more appropriately lithium 9v's for those special occasions in OR's and the like. It will however have a very significant impact on your day to day battery usage.

The recharge time is quite fast with the 4 banger charger doing the job in an hour. The system comes with a car charger adapter as well as the standard American 2 prong connection. The system is equipped to handle a 240v power source making it totally fine around the world.

Additional uses have been in my Comteks and JK Remote Amps for IFB's. The only failure I'v had is with a battery that was drained inadvertently for several days. It doesn't seem to want to take a charge now! oops!


The price has gone up to the $25ish range per battery. The reliability continues to be a winner charge cycle after charge cycle! Very pleased indeed with this acquisition!


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