Denecke TS-TCB Slate
Unleash the bling!

People who know me know I love this slate and its place in the circle of sync from Timecode Systems. From day 1 I've been very high on this product and what it represents to an awful lot of us working in the field.

With the Blink Network the slate has come of age!

The timecode portion of the slate is completely rock solid via ext.rf/c (that is set to external timecode with the continuous roll option selected so if it loses the blink network it automatically shifts to its own internal world class Denecke clock to maintain sync) and now the bottom LED screen has truly come to life as it too is transmitted over the blink network instead of wifi which means the reality of entering real data on set into the slate is upon us!

Its like Christmas morning to me! ;-)

You have a few options to work with in doing this. Whether you're a MovieSlate fan or if you prefer the free TCS's Blink Hub App. You will most definitely love this feature. Here I'll be focusing on the free Blink Hub App.


The Denecke TS-TCB Slate

I haven't jammed a slate in almost a year now! As part of the Blink Network my slate auto jams at power up and I can see that its jammed via the Blink Hub App.

As you can see below I can quickly see the frame rate, userbits and status.


When you select the slate in the Blink Hub app the above slate screen appears with the "Screen Display" field. This is where you can quickly enter whatever data you'd like to see on the bottom LED. From scene & take numbers to show names or interview subjects this is an incredibly useful tool on set! Remember not all sets are staffed with full departments and we quite often find ourselves on very small crews. Always remember that 'small' crew in no way implies amateur crew... Not in my world or on my sets!

I know that range is uppermost on peoples minds. I find that non-line of sight through walls I'm very comfortable with 150 feet and thats with wave in my bag configuration & ne external antennas. Now remember I'm talking about the bottom LED display receiving commands from wave. The TC is far greater and really limitless if you're utilizing the continous roll option.

Coming very soon will be the ability to select auto send scene & take #'s straight to the slate without the need to manually enter the information. This is something that I truly want!

IMG9371 IMG9373

This is an area that will continue to grow and evolve and one that I find extremely exciting and if you decide you want to enter into the world of MovieSlate you'll find the options begin to open up even more!

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