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This has been a little bugger of an issue off and on over the years so I thought I'd lay it to rest once and for all. First I'll do a quick refresher of the overall workings of the Timecode Buddy system.


TCB was the incredibly innovative brain child of a working sound mixer, Paul Scurrell, who found himself exasperated by the lack of intuitive options regarding timecode. Which lead to the development and launch of their first product set, the WiFi:Master and Mini:TX. The premiss behind the system is that TC would be wirelessly synced and transmitted via the 915MHz (14 channels starting at 915.050 US) band while at the same time the unit would share that TC with apps such as their own TCBuddy app and or Movie Slate via 2.4GHz wifi. The system was built with world class internal clocks with the idea that if the camera separates from the master clock over a distance greater then the 915MHz range then the unit would seamlessly shift to its internal clock to maintain sync until the RF signal reappears. While at the same time not be susceptible to the typical problems 2.4GHz can have on set thus not impacting actual sync functions. Tri-level sync (genlock) has been maintained in all TCB's with supported sync: PAL, NTSC, 720p 720p Double Frame, 1080i(PSF), 1080p and 1080p Double Frame which continues to set the system apart being the only option for miniature camera mounts with actual sync.


This was revolutionary and had never been done before. 


As the line evolved over the past several years adding the tiny mini:TRX's and mini:RX's the functionality of the system skyrocketed paving the way for the :Pulse (camera mounted controller) and the :Wave (sound recorder specific interface) and now the TS-TCB slate with two lines of programable LED scrolls is joining the family and completing an all encompassing work flow for both timecode and metadata. 


Perhaps that was a little longer then I anticipated but the system has grown mightily.

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Cross Jamming


You may come across a situation where you're required to sync two different frame rates so how do you do this in the very automatic world of TCB. 


Scenario - Cameras are running at 23.98 but post requires sound at 29.97.


1. Set Sound Devices 688 to EXT TC

2. Select FPS 29.97 (688)

3. Select Internal on Timecode Buddy Wifi:Master

4. Select FPS on TCB 23.98

5. Either Jam and disconnect from the 688 or leave it connected

6. Deploy TCB mini:TRX's or mini:RX's as you normally would

7. If you require to jam another device at the 29.97 FPS stab it from the 688.

8. Your TS-TCB slate will auto sync at power up


I've been using the Timecode Buddy system since their first launch, I think some 4 or 5 years now and can't recommend the product strongly enough. Sync is such a non issue in my life anymore and thats the way I like it!


Thom Shafer 

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