Chris Klasic - Klasic Construction
A Review of Work Done

Our daughter (my step daughter) was moving into her fathers home but the house had suffered a water line rupture in the kitchen while vacant and incurred a lot of damage. After receiving three bids her father selected Chris Klasic from Klasic construction to execute the remodeling of the vast majority of the main floor.

Our alarm bells went off early when we discovered he and his crew (mostly one guy) never began working prior to 10am and would be gone mid afternoon. His initial claim that he'd knock the job out in 2 to 3 weeks quickly deteriorated into an endless slog of inefficiency and a constant drone of needing more money.

Weeks turned into months as this project got underway in February with I believe, his first installment of $14,000. What you'll see in the photos is pretty much where he left off working back in April when he was paid an additional $11,000 to continue on. He nor his crew stepped foot back into that house that we are aware of and was paid the last installment (over our loud objections) of $7,000 with the promise he'd be back in eleven days. That was in June and we've not seen hide nor hair of him. He's been officially fired as of August 2018. To which he responded, I've been sick for the past two weeks. Well, he then said he'd drop off all her materials that he owed her but as of this writing its already been several weeks with nothing materializing.
Some things he owes her

- Kitchen Counter Top
- Kitchen Cabinet Doors (in front of sink)
- Hot Water Heater (which was in the house until he returned to get the money)
- Garbage Disposal

So if you're in Columbiana or Mahoning county looking for a home remodeling contractor I would strongly advice you to look at the caliber of his work and character and do not hire Chris Klasic of Klasic Construction.

The work you see in these photos is the columniation of 7 long months & over $30,000 in payments to Chris Klassic Construction.



- Plywood Countertops
- Cabinet not hung
- Refrigerator not plumbed with water
- Dishwasher not plumbed with water
-Missing cabinet doors
- Refrigerator didn't fit / Cabinet had to be cut
- Island face isn't installed


- Missing Cabinet Doors
- No Garbage Disposal
- Dishwasher not plumbed
- Plywood counter tops
- Right face plate under sink is broken (picture to come)


First of three doors Chris Klasic Construction installed in the house.


Second door installed by Chris Klasic Construction.
This is a brand new and freshly painted door.


The third door installed by Chris Klasic Construction is for the
main floor guest bathroom and it won't shut at all.


Drywall work by Chris Klasic Construction Left is the stairway from basement to kitchen.
Right is the drop ceiling interface in the basement.


Chris Klasic Construction switch face plate installation.


Broken cabinet face plate in front of sink Chris Klasic Construction


Today (29 August 2018) I ran the plumbing for the ice maker in the refrigerator and I discovered how he left the power for the garbage disposal that has yet to materialize and on the right I pulled the dishwasher out to begin hooking it up and discovered that he didn't maintain the power outlet. This is not a new install but a replacement of the dishwasher that was there so now I need to pull this plywood counter top and discover just what the situation is. I wonder when they planned on cleaning up? I'm guessing that mess is all under the cabinets.

I would much rather have written a glowing review of an awesome job well done but sadly that is not the case. Chris Klasic Construction was hired in good faith and paid over $30,000 to achieve the results you see in the photos. We have more pictures we could post but it becomes redundant after a while.

We do not recommend Chris Klasic Construction for any work large or small.

Update - November 18 2018
Chris Klasic has still not delivered the materials he himself claims to have in his possession and promised to deliver over a month ago.

Our Experience with Remodeling Contractor Chris Klasic Construction Leetonia, Columbiana, Salem , Lisbon Ohio